When your jewellery is not being worn store it in its box. This slows down the natural process of silver tarnishing and helps prevent chipping and scratching of other materials. Please avoid getting your jewellery wet, spraying cosmetic products directly onto it and leaving it in direct sunlight. My work is made from a range of different materials and it is worth being aware of these and their care requirements so that your jewellery remains in the best possible condition.


Wood is finished with a protective layer of oil. If it does gets wet, allow it to dry and reseal it with a thin layer of bees wax or furniture wax applied with a soft cloth.


Laminate is a hard wearing material often used for table tops and similar. Care needs to be taken to avoid chipping and scratching. It can be wiped down with a damp cloth, alternatively a rubber can also be used to remove some marks.


I use Sterling 925 silver and silver pieces that weigh over 7.4 grams are hallmarked at the London Assay Office. Over time silver will require cleaning. 

For pieces made solely from silver:

For polished pieces silver dip or a silver cloth can be used to return the shine. To restore a matt finish gently rub the surface with a green scourer in a circular motion.

For silver pieces which are combined with other materials:

Do not use a silver dip. To restore a polished finish carefully apply a silver polish cream with a soft cloth to the silver and rub gently until shiny. For a matt surface rub with a scourer taking care of other materials around it.

Oxidised silver

Oxidised silver has been treated with a chemical solution to give a dark grey/black finish. This does wear away over time particularly in exposed areas which adds to the character of the piece. Do not place oxidised silver items in a silver dip or use a silver cloth as this will remove the oxidisation.


Many joints and connections between wood and silver are reinforced with epoxy glue which forms a strong bond. If something does break a glue like Araldite or Devcon can be used to repair the connection.